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AMPS Celebrates 27th Annual Council Meeting

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On October 26, 2013 the Puerto Rico Association of Insurance Professionals (AMPS) celebrated it’s 27th Annual  Council Meeting in Antonios’  Restaurant in Condado, Puerto Rico. A second meeting was held on November 5, 2013 to elect our Regional Delegates.  For the first time in 27 years the Council Meeting was conducted in Spanish and the Short format as allowed by IAIP’s Comprehensive Manual (Chapter 4) was adopted.

It was a time to celebrate and gather with new and old acquaintances.  Our President, Mrs. Virgen Casanova addressed AMPS members by welcoming them and reviewing year to date Achievements, including recent new enrollments.  Mrs. Casanova reminded all members that her motto for 2013 is “AMPS, lighthouse of future generations”.  Later on Ms. Shirley Soto read a message sent by our Regional VP Mrs. Betty Curry, which was well received by all participants.  A presentation of the upcoming Regional Conference was later presented.

Various recognitions were granted during the Council Meeting.  Ms. Shirley Soto received the 2013 Distinguished Service Award of Excellence, while Mrs. Lindín García, Mrs. Gladys Carrión,  Mrs. Herminia Semidey, Mrs.  Elizabeth Miranda and Mrs.. Marta Benítez received the Gold Timer recognition.

Screen Shot 2013-11-19 at 12.48.24 AM
Shirley Soto & Virgen Casanova

AMPS members delighted with the presentation of our guest speakers of the day, Mrs. Esther Torres, BioMedic and Entrepreneur, and Mrs. Paola Díaz, Health Coach and Personal Trainer. “Professional: How to look 10 years younger” was the topic of the day and it was sponsored by BodySana Esthetic  and Salus Wellness Clinic. Participants, laughed and even exercised a little with our speakers and participated in a raffle for facial treatments and personal training sessions.

Screen Shot 2013-11-19 at 12.48.46 AM
Esther Torres & Paola Díaz

During our second meeting on November 5, 2013, members elected the Delegates who will represent us in the 2014 Regional Conferences.  These are: Mrs. Olga Matos, Mrs. Carmen Vázquez, and newcomer Mrs. Lara López, who was also the Pro-Award Winner of the Puerto Rico Council.

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